Top 7 Tips for Living Mouth Smart

March 17, 2017

March 20th marks two occasions. Besides being the first day of spring, it’s also World Oral Health Day (WOHD). WOHD is an annual event founded by the FDI World Dental Federation to spread awareness about the importance of good oral hygiene habits.

Living Mouth Smart

In order to keep your smile healthy for life, it’s important to incorporate good dental habits into your everyday life. Below, you will find our top 7 tips for Living Mouth Smart.

1. Get Regular Dental Check-Ups

While there are plenty of ways to protect your teeth at home, you still need to visit a dental professional regularly. Your dentist will be able to check your smile, making sure that all the work you’re doing to protect it is paying off. Every six months, it’s crucial that your teeth are cleaned professionally, since this is the only way to remove tartar, or plaque that has hardened. Even a champion brusher and flosser leaves plaque behind, so don’t skimp on the dentist visits!

2. Eat a Healthy Diet That’s Low in Sugary Foods

Bacteria eats your tooth enamel, and it thrives on sugar. Keeping the sugar in your diet to a minimum makes it more difficult for the plaque to survive in your mouth.  We all succumb to the sweet stuff from time to time, but do yourself a favor and brush your teeth as soon as possible after eating sugary snacks.

3. Protect Teeth During Sports

Keep those chompers safe! Certain physical activities are dangerous for your teeth. When competing in sports that have a high risk of falling, play it safe and wear a mouthguard. Extra protection is also a good idea during activities that involve blows to the head or flying equipment.

4. Brush Twice a Day and Floss Daily

Perhaps the most crucial tip on this list is to brush twice a day and floss daily. Keep in mind that this is the bare minimum, and an extra brush after a sugary or high-carb meal is never a bad thing.

5. Don’t Smoke

Here’s another reason to quit smoking, it’s terrible for teeth! Compared to nonsmokers, those who smoke suffer exponentially more from bad breath, bone loss, gum disease, oral cancer, and more.

6. Instill Habits in Children Early

Your kids are watching the world around them, and the habits they’re building now will affect the rest of their lives. Make sure their oral hygiene is up to snuff, and you’ll be setting them up for a lifetime of good dental health.  For more tips about getting kids on board, check out our post from Children’s Dental Health Month.

7. Use Fluoride Safely

In young children especially, fluoride is an essential part of dental health. This mineral aids in strengthening enamel against acid attacks. Tread carefully, however—too much fluoride can be harmful. The proper amount of fluoride varies by age and size, so be sure to consult your dentist to ensure you and your children are getting a safe amount.

A Healthy Smile for Life

Living Mouth Smart is a great way to celebrate WOHD, but one day of good health isn’t enough. For a lifetime of healthy teeth, work these tips into your life all year round!