The Components of a Tooth

December 20, 2016

Our teeth are surprisingly complex. A single tooth is comprised of several distinct layers of material. Beyond that, specific teeth have specific purposes. For instance, did you know that our canines are ideal for gripping and tearing food, especially meat? And did you know that our teeth aren’t just simple bones? For today’s dental blog, let’s take a moment to breakdown the composition of the human tooth (In our next dental blog, we’ll take a look at the functionality of different tooth types, so stick around!). Here are the material components of a tooth:

A Tooth’s Material Composition

Enamel: The outermost material that coats a tooth is its enamel. Enamel is actually harder and stronger than bone, and it serves as your tooth’s first line of defense against. We’ve all heard that such-and-such food and so-and-so drink will damage your teeth, and it’s often the enamel that these dental damagers destroy.

Dentin: Dentin is almost as hard as enamel, and it’s calcium based, just like normal bone. Since dentin isn’t as strong as enamel, it can wear away more easily when exposed. You can protect the dentin of your teeth by protecting their enamel.

Cementum: Cementum is light yellow, and it is responsible for attaching a tooth to the jawbone. Our gums cover segments of cementum, but gum disease and recessed gums can leave cementum exposed to harm. That’s why gum health is a crucial component of your dental health!

Pulp: The pulp of a tooth is at the center of the tooth. This component carries blood to the tooth, as well as nerves and soft tissues. The pulp of the tooth keeps a tooth thriving, and a healthy pulp is essential for a healthy tooth.

Jawbone: The jawbone is made out of bone material that is similar to most of the bones in the body. A strong jawbone can handle the immense pressure that’s often applied while you masticate (chew) your food.

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