Should I See a Dentist for My Toothache?

March 26, 2018

Waking up with a toothache can be not only uncomfortable; it can be downright agonizing. With many over-the-counter drugs and gels available to dull symptoms, it can be tempting to rely on them rather than going to the dentist. Should you wait this one out, or be seen? To stop a toothache (and whatever is causing it) in its tracks, it’s always best to get your dentist’s professional opinion as soon as possible.

What Could be Causing My Toothache?

Toothaches are rarely innocuous — in fact, they’re pretty good at letting you know when something’s amiss. Causes of toothaches can stem from relatively mild to pretty serious, so it’s best to rule out major complications in the early stages. Some potential toothache causes include:

Wisdom teeth: If you or your child haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed, they can be exceptionally painful as they’re coming in, especially if they’re impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause inflammation and even infection, making a bad toothache even worse. Your dentist can check on your wisdom teeth using X-rays and decide on the best course of action for you.

A cavity: Cavities occur when your teeth decay, eating away at the teeth and forming holes. Without treatment, your teeth can continue to decay until the entire tooth is destroyed, causing tooth sensitivity, pain, and even infection. For mild cavities, your dentist will normally perform a filling, where they will remove the tooth decay and fill it with resin.

Gum disease: Gum disease is no joke. The inflammation caused by gum disease can be not only painful — it can also cause tooth loss. Visit the dentist early to avoid anything serious from developing.

When Can I Be Seen?

If you’re in horrible pain, have no fear — we offer same-day emergency appointments. Call us at (303) 848-4929 and we’ll address your tooth pain today.