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Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed in a Comfortable Office

Oral SurgeonMost people have their wisdom teeth, or “third molars,” erupt between age 16 and 20. Oftentimes there isn’t enough room in the mouth for these teeth, and this can cause some serious oral issues.

Fortunately, the procedure to remove wisdom teeth or any tooth extraction is routine.

Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Many problems can occur when wisdom teeth do not erupt properly. They can become impacted, which means that the tooth is partially or completely trapped underneath the gum and bone, causing pain, swelling, sinus issues and even jaw damage. If the removal of wisdom teeth is put off, this can endanger the health and alignment of your existing teeth.

Removal of your wisdom teeth is not always essential, but it is recommended during your late teens to early 20s to avoid later problems.The bones in your mouth harden over time, making it much more difficult to remove wisdom teeth later on.

Choosing an Oral Surgeon in Aurora

While oral surgeons may be needed for the removal of wisdom teeth or for dental implants, they can also perform a number of other diverse procedures, like corrective jaw surgery and TMJ treatment, oral pathology, tooth extraction, and more. Our Aurora CO dentist office has an oral surgeon on staff, along with a group of experts dedicated to giving you the best service.

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