Dentures in Aurora, CO

Replace or Repair Dentures for a Comfortable Fit

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Loose dentures and discomfort from dentures are common problems, but not to be ignored. Over time your mouth changes, and dentures that once fit well will need to be repaired or replaced.

On average, dentures are replaced every 3-8 years, but it’s best to speak with your dentist to determine if your dentures need replacement or repair.

Do You Need Dentures?

If you are missing a few of your teeth, you may consider getting dentures. There are other, more permanent cosmetic options such as bridges and implants, but dentures provide greater flexibility, especially for people who are missing more than a few teeth. The process of getting dentures also takes less time than other cosmetic procedures. Dentures provide a safe and affordable solution for tooth loss.

Complete Dentures

Full DentureWhen all teeth have been lost or removed, a complete denture is used to replace those teeth. Complete dentures are held in place to the gum by suction. Because bones and gums shrink after the removal of teeth, you will need to go to your dentist routinely to make sure your dentures fit properly.

Partial Dentures

Removable Partial DenturePartial dentures cover only a section where teeth are missing, and are usually a set of teeth fixed to a gum-colored plastic base. A partial denture is held in place by the remaining healthy teeth and gums. They are comfortable and secure, and prevent existing teeth from changing position.

Choose Hampden Dental Group

We have a team of dental specialists on staff to help keep your teeth healthy and make visits to our office a simple process. In the event that you need to replace some missing teeth, we will work with you to discuss your options, whether that is to help with Aurora dentures, partials, bridges, or dental implants. Call our office at 303-848-4929 to schedule an appointment today!