Keeping Your Teeth Healthy for the Holidays

December 23, 2022

healthy holiday smileWe love celebrating the holidays at Hampden Dental Group. With gift-giving, colorful lights, and trips to see Santa Claus – it’s all a season of wonder! But, cavities and tooth decay . . . those aren’t so wonderful. With all the yummy treats lying about, it is not a surprise that we see an increase in cavities and toothaches as the new year starts. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Here are some ways to keep your teeth healthy through the holidays and into the new year!

Healthy Smiles That Last

A healthy smile is truly a gift that keeps on giving – as long as you do your part in brushing, flossing, and caring for your teeth. Want to make sure you reap the smile benefits in the new year? Follow these steps:

  • Drink Up. Nope, we don’t mean holiday cocktails, we mean good ol’ H2O! Water not only helps hydrate the body, which is essential for total wellness, but it also curbs cavities by washing away bacteria that may linger in the mouth. If you aren’t already, up your water intake to your body weight in ounces every day.
  • Keep Sugar on the Naughty List. Sugar might taste amazing, especially in the form of grandma’s holiday cookies, but sugar is not good for your health, your waistline, or your teeth. To avoid tooth decay, limit your sugar intake over the holidays and opt for more savory treats.
  • Brush, Floss, and Be Merry. It is true all year long, but just in case you haven’t been on top of your dental hygiene, here’s your reminder. Brush your teeth twice per day for two minutes each time and floss daily. If you eat a lot of treats or sugar, brushing after may also help you avoid cavities.

You Can Still Enjoy the Holidays

We don’t want to sound like poor Scrooge this Christmas, so remember that you can still find lots of joy this holiday season. Choosing treats that aren’t as bad for your teeth is a great step in preventing cavities. We recommend opting for veggies, protein, or sweets that include milk chocolate over hard candies or caramels, as these substances can be difficult to wash away and the sugar crystals can get stuck in between your teeth. Brushing and flossing alone may not be enough to remove them.

Happy Holidays from Hampden Dental Group

From all of us at Hampden Dental Group – we wish you a happy, healthy, festive holiday! Make sure to schedule your next cleaning and routine exam in 2023 so we can keep your teeth healthy into the new year!