Is Fluoride Just for Children?

January 31, 2022

fluorideYou probably got regular fluoride treatments as a kid, when your permanent teeth were still new. But did you know that dentists offer fluoride treatments for adults, too? Fluoride isn’t just for children! It can help strengthen tooth enamel and fight cavities in adults as well. You might want to ask for a fluoride treatment at your next dental cleaning, to give your teeth an extra level of protection.

Fluoride for Adults: Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t fluoride treatments just for kids?

Kids don’t always have the best dental hygiene habits, and their teeth can use some extra protection. Strengthening the enamel while their adult teeth are still new can help kids prevent cavities and keep their teeth healthy into adulthood. Even though fluoride treatments are important for kids, adults can get the same cavity-fighting benefits, too.

Can’t I get enough fluoride by drinking water?

There are carefully regulated amounts of fluoride added to tap water in most communities. However, not all drinking water has fluoride. if your city doesn’t add fluoride, or if you prefer to drink filtered or bottled water, you probably aren’t getting enough to benefit your teeth.

What about fluoride toothpaste?

Using oral care products that contain fluoride can definitely help to protect your teeth, but over-the-counter products just aren’t as effective as the fluoride treatments your dentist offers. If you have sensitive teeth or receding gums, your dentist can also provide you with prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste and fluoride mouthwash.

Three Reasons Adults Should Get Fluoride Treatments

1: Fluoride Strengthens Your Tooth Enamel

The older you get, the thinner your tooth enamel gets. Everyday wear from eating and drinking, along with acid attacks from plaque slowly erode your enamel. Other activities like smoking, teeth grinding, or chewing on hard objects can also weaken your enamel and leave your teeth vulnerable to decay. Fluoride helps to remineralize damaged tooth enamel and rebuild the layers that were lost.

2: Fluoride Decreases Sensitivity

If hot or cold drinks make you suddenly catch your breath, you could probably use a fluoride treatment. By rebuilding your enamel, fluoride helps to prevent and alleviate pain from sensitive teeth. Regular fluoride treatments for adults with receding gums or thin enamel will significantly reduce tooth sensitivity.

3: Fluoride Fights Cavities

Because fluoride strengthens your enamel, it also helps protect your teeth from cavities and decay. Strong tooth enamel will help your teeth fight the acid attacks that cause cavities and gum disease. If you want to prevent tooth decay and keep your teeth strong, healthy, and bright, fluoride treatments will go a long way.

Fluoride Treatments for Adults

Even though you’re not a kid anymore, you still have the same teeth. If you want them to last for the rest of your life, give them a little extra protection. Ask us for a fluoride treatment at your next cleaning! It’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes, but the benefits will last for months on end. Contact Hampden Dental Group at (303) 848-4929 or request an appointment online today.