Do You Have Sinus Pressure or a Toothache?

February 26, 2022

Girl with tooth painDid you know that sinus pressure can trigger symptoms that closely resemble an ordinary toothache? Unfortunately, sinus infections can cause tooth pain so severe that you may think you have a cavity or even an abscess. Additionally, it can be hard to determine whether the cause of your toothache is an actual dental emergency or simply a side effect of sinus pressure.

At Hampden Dental Group, our team is committed to providing patients with the resources and information they need to maintain a bright, healthy smile. Keep reading as we explain how to tell the difference between sinus pressure and a normal toothache.

Sinus Infection Symptoms

It’s relatively simple and quite common for nasal bacteria to find their way into the sinuses and cause an infection. Sinus infections and sinus pressure, also known as sinusitis, often cause inflammation and uncomfortable swelling. However, tooth pain is another common symptom of sinusitis.
Toothaches caused by sinus problems occur because the upper teeth, especially the molars, are located very close to the sinuses. Therefore, if your tooth pain is sinus-related, you will typically feel it in your upper rear teeth. Here are some additional signs your tooth pain may be sinus-related:

• Pain in the cheekbones, eyes, and upper back teeth
• Pain in the teeth when bending over
• Pain that is only felt in the upper back teeth
• Pain when chewing or biting
• Nasal or sinus congestion
• More than one tooth is affected
• Fever

Toothache Symptoms

A toothache is best described as experiencing pain in or around a tooth. Toothaches may be caused by various dental issues, including cavities, cracked or damaged teeth, abscesses, teeth grinding, and an infection. In any case, ruling out as many problems as possible is key to finding the source of tooth pain.

A toothache caused by dental issues will likely be more intense than sinus-related tooth pain and be localized to just one tooth. Likewise, if you recently had dental work in the same area or knew you had a cavity but haven’t had filled yet, your toothache is probably the result of a dental issue. If your toothache is related to a dental problem, you may experience the following symptoms:

• Constant, sharp, throbbing pain in a localized area of the mouth
• Swelling of the gums around the tooth
• Foul taste or smell from the infected tooth
• Drainage from an infection
• Fever or headache

If your mouth or surrounding areas begin to swell significantly, it is best to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Furthermore, if your tooth pain is severe or you’re having difficulty breathing or swallowing, you should visit the dentist immediately to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Emergency Treatment for a Toothache

Although this is list can help you rule out possible sources of tooth pain, it may still be difficult to determine whether you’re experiencing sinus pressure or a toothache. At Hampden Dental Group, we offer emergency appointments to ensure you get relief from tooth pain as quickly as possible. If you’re suffering from a painful toothache, contact us today.