At-Home Dental Care Tips

September 9, 2020

Father and son flossing their teeth together Looking back at the past few months, we’ve all been staying home more than usual. This has resulted in the majority of people missing their dentist appointment! We still recommend visiting your dentist during this time. But if you had to cancel your appointment, we wanted to make a list that you can follow for the best at-home dental care tips!

6 At-Home Oral Care Tips

  1. We might be stating the obvious here, but forgetting to brush can really impact the health of your teeth. To optimize your brushing, try using a tongue scraper after you’re done brushing!
  2. It’s important to incorporate flossing alongside your brushing. Brushing without flossing is similar to washing your hands but only cleaning your palms and not in between your fingers. Flossing cleans and removes any bacteria that is stuck in between your teeth.
  3. Incorporate fluoride into your routine. If you’re not able to make your dentist appointment you’re also missing out on a professional fluoride treatment. You can get mouth wash and toothpaste with fluoride to use in between cleanings.
  4. Avoid sugary food as much as possible. Bacteria can feed off of sugar resulting in bad breath, cavities, tooth decay, and much more! The less sugar you eat the better shape your teeth will be in.
  5. Constantly be on the lookout for bleeding gums, lumps, and other oral problems. Just because you don’t notice anything day to day doesn’t mean it isn’t there. If you spot a problem, call the dentist ASAP.
  6. Avoid brushing or flossing after immediately consuming acidic beverages. Brushing your teeth is probably what you will want to do the most after drinking something acidic, but acids are known to soften the hard enamel. Teeth are able to combat these acids using saliva. When you brush your teeth you’re stripping away the helpful saliva!

Visit Your Dentist For The Best Oral Health

All of these tips are a great complement to your six month dentist visit! You can only do so much at home, but to have the healthiest smile ensures that you are visiting your dentist regularly.

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